Type: Elevated, Private Right-of-Way
Stations: 5
Projected Ridership: Not Available
Status: Tentative Future Expansion


Line Length: 2 miles
Number of Tracks: 2 (provisions for third track between 48th and 78th Streets)
Track Gauge: 5 ft 2 1⁄4 in, Pennsylvania Trolley Gauge

In the 1913 report of Philadelphia’s Transit Commissioner future transit lines were suggested that would convert steam railroads to rapid transit. Those lines included the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Chestnut Hill line and the Philadelphia Baltimore and Washington’s Central Division line through West Philadelphia.

The Cobbs Creek Branch would leave the Darby Line near 42nd Street and follow the PB&W railroad’s right-away to the City Line near Cobbs Creek.

Cobbs Creek Branch Stops

  • Woodland Avenue
    48th Street and Woodland Avenue
  • 49th Street
    49th and Chester Avenue
  • 52nd Street
    52nd and Pentridge Streets
  • 55th Street
    55th and Angora Terrace
  • Cobbs Creek
    58th and Angora Terrace

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