Greater PRT is a big fan of SEPTA. We were recently asked what we loved about Philadelphia that doesn’t get enough recognition and instantly blurted out, “SEPTA.” We surprised the person proposing the question and frankly, ourselves as well.

But we dream of what could be, what could have been, and what will never be, not because we hate, but because we love.

Here is an index of fantasy Philadelphia transit maps from throughout the years.

  • Timeline of Philadelphia Transit Lines
    About a week ago, I came across a reddit post displaying the timeline of Washington DC’s Metro development. Needless to say, I set out to create a similar graphic for Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Rapid Transit Timeline spans 145 years, three transit authority eras and four lines that qualify as rapid transit. The majority of development […]
  • Philadelphia’s Subway Surface Lines
    Greater PRT started looking into the history of Philadelphia’s Subway Surface Subway lines, in part because the name itself will make your brain melt. From the city that gave you Street Road, of course there is a Subway Surface Tunnel that doesn’t carry subways, but trolleys. Are you following? Really? Because have you seen the […]
  • SEPTA Introduces Transit Map Tuesday
    SEPTA is redesigning its transit maps and way-finding systems. As part of the effort, the transit authority is sharing some SEPTA maps done in the style of other transit systems from around the world in a feature they’re calling Transit Map Tuesday. The work is evidently being done by SEPTA’s Strategic Planning intern and they […]
  • Free Transfers A Dream We All Dream of
    Abolishing paid transfers has become a rallying cry of progressive transit advocates in Philadelphia, #freetransfers is the rallying cry. “The transfer is regressive” spout transportation pundits. They point out that the transfer hurts poorer people most because the cost hits the pocket harder and low income sections of the city require more transfers to reach […]
  • Walking Under Market Street Has Been a Thing for More Than a Century
    Billy Penn’s Michaela Winberg successfully navigated the path from the just opened Fashion District all the way to the glistening Comcast Technology Center. There were some missteps along the way but in the end she made it. It’s a trek I’ve made numerous times in my youth and wanted to do myself since the Gallery […]