The overall SEPTA system map has long been maligned as a “blobby mess.” Transit Maps gave the 2011 edition of the map a stinging one-and-a-half star rating.

SEPTA should feel lucky that no one has rated their line maps for the Broad Street line or Market-Frankford line. These are abominations in their own right. No consistency with the overall system map, confusing letters, colors and variable thickness in lines all gather to lessen the usability of the system.

So I took an afternoon to see if I could improve the line maps. I utilized the system map’s look to at least make them feel consistent. I also exploded out the types of trains run (express service on the Broad Street line and A/B service on the MFL) to give them some more visibility on the maps.

I intend on going back and cleaning up some things I just eyeballed but I wanted to share now.